How to Turn Your Ideas Into Content in Three Steps

As you all know (or don’t know), I am a content creator that helps people turn their ideas into content. But what does that mean? And why is it important? Well, I’m glad you asked.

See, I’ve been blessed with being surrounded by creative visionaries who have so much on their plate and so many ideas in their head that they don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in; I help clarify their ideas, make it more concise, and turn it into content. Turning ideas into content is important because if you can’t tell someone your idea in a short but accurate way, how do you expect them to join in on your vision?

Don’t get me wrong, some people will join in off the strength of already knowing you as a person. But with so many people starting businesses of their own, you have to be like Twitter and explain your biz idea in 140 characters or less. This counts if you’re freelancing as well.

Just recently I helped a friend who’s just starting her business and needed help with creating her slogan. After reviewing some key information about her company and knowing her personality, I created about six different options for her to choose from. When she picked her favorite, she said to me “You gotta tell me how you did that because I’ve been trying to figure it out on my own and didn’t get this at all”.

This is a normal dilemma every visionary has at least once in their creative life. They are so close to their vision that they may not be able to identify key elements of their business idea to articulate others. Here are some tips that help me help others:

  1. Brain Dump

Write down everything you want to do or you want your business to stand for without any regard for grammar, punctuation or spelling. This is to help you get everything out that you want to do without limiting yourself with restrictions. This is for your eyes only.

  1. Clean up the brain dump

After you wrote down everything you want your biz to consist of start to edit it to make it clear. This is where you can focus on grammar, punctuation and spelling. Examples include creating a mission and vision statement for your business or creating an entire business plan. I love this freelance business template from ByRegina

  1. Begin to trim the fat

Keep the original brain dump and the edited document so you can revert back to it. Once you have the original and edited versions in saved, start to trim the fat. Look for short phrases and features you want to highlight. After you found those short phrases and features, create sentences that bring all those elements together in 140 characters of less. You can check out Neville Medhora’s post for more step by step instructions. This is more focused on slogans but you can apply it other descriptions too.

Turning your ideas into content doesn’t have to be difficult. It just takes time and patience to do it. You may even need to ask a close friend if your content/idea is clear and easy to understand just to make sure; it’s very easy to get trapped in your own head that you may not be able to express your idea to others in a way they can understand.

Let me know if this works out for you or if you have any other helpful tips by leaving a comment below.





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