How to Get Published Without a Website

Everyone talks about setting up a blog or website to set yourself up as a writer or expert.

However; you don’t need a website right away. This may go completely against what you’ve been told, but it’s totally possible. I’ve seen it firsthand.

Here are resources you can use to get published without a website and build your portfolio:


You can publish blog posts on LinkedIn that can be useful for a professional audience. Do you have an expertise you want to showcase or a topic you’re passionate about? Write about it and share it on LinkedIn.


Medium is a more mature version of Tumblr and is powered through Twitter. Not only can you publish your own blog posts, but you can also contribute to other Medium accounts (which I haven’t explored yet but it’s a great resource to look into).

Contribute to publications

If you have a favorite blog, website, newspaper or magazine, pitch them to write for them. You can utilize samples from LinkedIn, Medium or a school newspaper before you pitch these publications would be helpful. Be mindful that you may receive a lot of no’s in  this arena before you get a yes; but when you get a yes, it’s so rewarding.

Submit your creative writing to online and print publications

There are some publications that specialize in getting your creative writing published. A few of these publications include Poets and Writers, The Write Life, and Writer’s Digest.

As a writer, one of the goals is to have a website to showcase your work and generate clients (depending on the type of writer you are). In the meantime, utilize the above resources to get your work out there.

Do you have any additional tips and resources about publishing your work without a website? Comment below or tweet me @chelseaahamlet.


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