Are You on the Path to Passion or Burn Out?

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A year ago, I took the 8- Week Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Course with Genevieve Rudolph. I was fresh out of a Situationship, burned out emotionally and felt unsatisfied sexually without a partner.

Genevieve taught me and a small group about the Erotic Blueprints and how we can incorporate them into our lives whether we were single or in a relationship. Learning how to do this was a game changer for me because, next to my vibrator, I heavily relied on men to please me.


After the 8-week course, I started to overcome the feeling of burn out, I was dating someone new and I learned how to please myself in ways I didn’t know existed. But I was craving more. I wanted to refuel my passion and take my sex life to the next level.


Luckily, Genevieve invited the group to attend an event called, Path to Passion in Los Angeles, California.

Path to Passion is an immersive event where you can:

  • Gain tools and knowledge to discover your turn-on’s and turn-off’s
  • Learn a language where you can get your sexual needs met
  • Gain skills to have communication for connection and sexual satisfaction
  • Learn how you can create passion for a lifetime
  • Meet Jaiya, the creator of this Erotic Blueprint™ system

This was a huge leap for me because

  1. a) funds were limited
  2. b) funds were limited and
  3. c) funds were REALLY limited.


But it meant so much for me to attend that I made it work through God and the help of my friends and family. I split the room and board costs with someone Genevieve connected me with and found an inexpensive flight to Cali.

The ticket to the event was free! I just needed a $300 refundable deposit to hold my seat. Once I got to the location, I got the $300 back and used it as spending money while I was in California. It was like a traveling savings account!


Although it was a rough road getting there, it was worth it! Here’s what I experienced

  • I met like-minded people who understood me
  • I was able to meet Jaiya, the founder of the Erotic Blueprints
  • The founder, Jaiya, and my new friends fed my blueprint – you can catch the video here. Lol.
  • I started healing wounds from romantic partners
  • Discovered a new mission for my life
  • Decided to become a coach!
  • Made long-lasting connections
  • Refueled my passion
  • Gained tools to continue enhancing my sex life

I would love for other people to experience the same joy I did last year. It was eye-opening, healing and erotically satisfying (and I didn’t even have to take my clothes off!).

Whether you’re already on the path to passion in your relationship or burned out and discouraged from a lack thereof, this event is for you.


If you’re still on the fence, think about it like this:

  • It’s an excuse to take a solo vacation or a bae-cation before it gets too cold.
  • You can experience something new that can radically transform your life.
  • You have the chance to spice things up in your current relationship.
  • You can kick things up a notch in your self-pleasure practice.
  • You can further expand the intimacy in your relationship in ways you never knew existed.


Since this is my one-year anniversary of being introduced to this work, I would love for you to share with me!

So, come to the event to join me in claiming more pleasure, empowerment, and passion in your life!

You can also book a free Passionate Possibilities Call with me by emailing

***This event was in 2018

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