About Me

My name is Chelsea A. Hamlet. My pronouns are She/Her. I’m a writer, blogger and ghostwriter.

I’m currently single and practicing abstinence, which is not to be confused with celibacy. I’m taking a break for personal reasons, not in hopes of finding a partner, nor is my sex hiatus motivated by religious reasons.

I’ve been blogging off and on for decades but I started this blog because:

  • I need an outlet to sort through my emotions
  • I want to share my perspective on my little corner of the Internet and find likeminded people
  • I don’t want people to think they’re alone in what they may be going through with their love lives or the relationship they have with themselves

The key topics I write about are:

  • Sexual health
  • My personal BDSM experiences and interests
  • Relationships
  • Mental health
  • Sexual Self-exploration
  • My Spiritual Journey

Here are five articles/posts that will help you get to know me better:

If you’re looking for a feel-good blog with ALL inspirational stories and motivational endings, my blog ain’t it. I’m not perfect by any means, nor do I consider myself an expert. I’m just a regular smegular girl trying to make it in this world, supporting others and sharing stories along the way.

To learn about the services I offer, go here.

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To listen to me on guest podcasts, click here.

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