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“The Pleasure Principal!”

Josiesboy (@josiesboy) and Alexis (@alonafuss) sit down with Erotic Blueprint Coach, Chelsea A. Hamlet (@chelseaahamlet). This episode is nothing short of crazy stories and a damn good time. Grab your headphones because this episode is definitely NSFW.

– The erotic blueprint survey: What’s our high score?
– Are situationships bad for your sex life?
– The truth behind sexual stigmas.

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Missing Witches Pod

“Imbolc Special 2020!! Decolonizing Love with Chelsea A. Hamlet”

When this theme of Decolonizing Love occurred to me for this episode, the first person I thought of was writer, Erotic Blueprint coach and self-described baby Orisha devotee Chelsea A. Hamlet.

I’d been reading such titles as “This is how I wish my partners responded when I told them they gave me an STI” and “What About Your Friends with Herpes?” elsewhere her essays about kink like “‘I Had Extra-Freaky, Mind-Blowing Sex With A BDSM Dom And Hit Up A Kink Party’.

This is just the kind of frankness and perspective we need to decolonize love and decolonize our thinking.

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