WRITE EMPOWER REPEATWrite Empower Repeat is to help empower writers to continue to pursue their dreams.

Many people believe writing isn’t a “real” job or feel discouraged about pursuing this career because it isn’t a guaranteed money maker compared to other careers. However, writers are needed, wanted, and appreciated just as much as any other profession.

This podcast will provide tips, interviews with other writers, and real conversations about being a writer/creative. Please subscribe to show support. Check it out here.



Hosts Chelsea, Cylla, and Myah thought if they followed the formula their parents and professors gave them, they would be golden; however, they realized that the only formula they can rely on is the one they create (or improvise) themselves.

Post Grad Formula is a podcast that provides insight and a safe space for Millennials who are transitioning from college life to post grad life into adulthood. Topics include relationships, finances, family, career, and more. Please subscribe to show support. Check it out here.



YouTube PhotoChelsea A. Hamlet’s YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing her artistic talents and teaching others how to do the same. Topics include blogging, poetry, creative content and more. Please subscribe to her page to show support. Check it out here.


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