“Chelsea creates a real dynamic atmosphere where companies can get CLEAR about their BRAND, image and communication style. My team and I discovered our weaknesses, strengths, and the capacity we had to rise. We were excited to feel her energy during our content strategy session. She stayed with us LONG after our time to answer all of our burning questions. Chelsea followed up thereafter to check in as well. She was honest, professional, and has the utmost integrity.  We would recommend her for any project, small or large scale, as her ability to utilize her skill to assess critical details is astounding. Thanks, Chelsea! We are grateful to you for our social media success.”

– Dailisha Eve Rodriguez, Hey There Beautiful Founder & Executive Director 

“Working with Chelsea was such a joy. I only had to speak with her twice on the phone, and the first phone call was just me telling her my story as she was quietly on the phone writing down all the major key points. It felt like a therapy session honestly and I say that because I felt so comfortable with her. She unknowingly creates a magnificent setting where you just tell her your story.  She asked me few important questions to create the timeline for my bio. I loved every minute of it and enjoyed her professionalism as well. I posted my bio on all my social media platforms and received enormous feedback. Most of my followers loved how splendid the writing was and gave me so many compliments on my writing skills, but had no idea I had help writing it until I told them Chelsea helped me out with it. I will definitely recommend everyone I know to Chelsea because she knows her craft. She knows exactly how to write for you the very first time she speaks with you. She studies your tone and listens to exactly how you want your piece to come out. She is such an expert at this and everyone needs to experience such a moment with her.”
-Charlie Dior, Media Personality and Co-host of The ABS Show 
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